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Axiomatic Stereo Music

Influenced by : Postpunk, New Wave, Garage, Alternative, Darkdogrock

RECORDS: Projets

Bad Billy & Silly Suze

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RECORDS: Bienvenue

Toutes les dérives

Le vent m'emportera

Loin, si loin de toi

Le vent m'emporte dans tes braises

Notre amour est comme le sel de la vie

Mais ta mère est comme la vague qui nous brise

Ta mère, elle nous pousse dans toutes les dérives

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I am a billionaire lost in space
There is only one seat inside my ship
I am searching for my new world
The one behind has been destroyed
All the trees and all the seas are gone
Don't blame me, you can't follow me
You gave me all your money
And I just didn't care
You gave me all your glory
Like a was a kind of king
But there is only one thing that matters
It is this little melody

RECORDS: Bienvenue
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